As canine nutrition specialists, we understand that what goes into a dog is key to building health. Every product is 100% from nature, and restaurant grade.

“I believe every dog deserves treats and every owner deserves to feel good about the quality of them."

I’m a certified canine nutrition specialist and a retired teacher living in beautiful Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island, B.C.

I started Island Skalliwags in 2017 , to develop pure and playful treats for my dog, Tana. She’s part of the family and I want her to have a long and healthy life. You want the same for your pets.

What goes into a dog is key to building health. Every ingredient should support his immune system and other bodily functions. When fed well, your pet is less likely to develop health issues and allergies, and proper diet can add years to his life (not to mention saving you a lot of $ on vet bills!)Skalliwags dog treats is proud to use only the best ingredients.

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“Skalliwags dog treats are not a naughty indulgence. Every ingredient adds to health and is tail-wagging at the same time."

"We use local, organic and even home-grown ingredients whenever possible and our meats are safe for humans! We don’t use glutens, artificial preservatives or by products and we avoid GMOs. Grass-fed and organic are important for health.

I’d love you to sign up for my nutrition blog under K9 News. I’ll post honest, non-biased information on dog nutrition and look forward to hearing from you as well.

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Having talked to 100s of people about their dogs, I was determined to produce treats to meet a variety of health concerns too.

I love to know a dog with pancreatitis, for instance, can still crunch down on a tasty treat! That’s what my vegan Blueberry Blast is for! (but people like them too!)

Three of our treats are single ingredient too so dogs with allergies can enjoy our snacks.

I invite you to look at our variety and try them out. Your satisfaction (and your pup’s) is very important to us! We are sure you’ll love them and feel good about feeding them.

I’m proud to say our new packaging is compostable and eco-friendly and our artwork is by a friend and artist from South Africa, Liam O’Flagherty!

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Cocoa wasn’t my dog but she was certainly my friend.

Her owner, Margaret, was also my friend. I had known them both for a long time. I was off work for a while after an injury and Cocoa spent the day with me when Margaret was off at work. We played fetch and find games and she brightened up some dark days.

When she was diagnosed with cancer and had to be put down, our hearts broke! I still miss her every day.

In her memory, Island Skalliwags is dedicated to the task of helping animals who are suffering and need medical attention. Animals that have no one to help them. A portion of profits for Island Skalliwags will go into a fund, in Cocoa’s name, that will help pay for medical expenses for injured animals who have been abandoned or whose family can’t afford the expense of veterinary care.

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