Diet is for health/Medication is for sick

Interesting reminder today in my canine nutrition course. Nutrition is the building block of the immune system. Nutrition is health care. Medication is sick care. To improve the health of your dog, start by putting healthy things into the system. The big controversy over different feeding philosophies is very personal and, just like with our children, we don't want to be told how to raise them. Just try to stay informed and you will make the best choices. If your dog is thriving, you're on the right track. If he's not, diet should be the first thing to change. Ask your vet and perhaps seek out a holistic vet in your area. Remember that vets (unless they're holistic) may not have much background in nutrition and focus on medications to fix things after the fact. Allergies and other health issues often respond remarkably well to changes in diet. Check out and review our treat ingredients.

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