Dog Food Packaging Insights

Food packaging- things of interest
Best before date only applies to when a food is packaged NOT WHEN IT WAS MANUFACTURED.
Check out the preservatives! Many are synthetic and cause health issues. Avoid BHT, BHA, ETHOXYQUIN (pesticide), and TBHQ!
Higher quality foods use natural preservatives such as fruit - blueberries, cranberries and apples. Much healthier choice but shorter shelf life.
Keep food in its packaging, reduce the air as much as possible and clip closed. Do NOT store in plastic containers.
Do not freeze. It adds moisture which allows it to become rancid quickly.
Dont buy large quantities to save money. They begin to lose nutritional value after opening. Typically, if you have to feed dry kibble, buy in quantities that will last only 2-3 weeks for best freshness. Add moisture to it when feeding. Later I'll suggest things you can add to dry kibble to add nutritional value.
At Island Skalliwags dog treats, when we say "made in small batches" it's not just for that homemade vibe! It's because we bake and package our treats IMMEDIATELY so they are fresh and heat sealed to keep them that way.
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