Join Me On My Canine Nutrition Journey!

The pet food industry is a hard one to navigate! Trust me! After completing my Canine Nutrition Specialist Program I am so much wiser, skeptical and cautious about how and what I feed my dog, Tana! She is my best friend and I'm sure that's true for you and your four-legged friends as well. I thought I was giving her the best diet and it was shocking to find out I was wrong, even after I'd read and searched about her nutrition needs online.

I own a pet treat business called Island Skalliwags based in Cowichan Bay, BC.
It began as a desire to feed my dog only the best and the treats I wanted for her were difficult to find. So I made my own using advice from a canine nutritionist and a vet.
As a retired teacher, I love learning and was thirsty for more knowledge.
The treat making became a business and my research into the best ingredients and my devotion to dogs are what drives it!

I've completed my program to earn my own canine nutrition certification and I'd like to share my learning with you. I promise to always share information on raw diets, dry diets, canned diets and supplements without bias or judgement.
I can make better decisions for my dog's health now and so will you.
Also, please follow me on Instagram and Facebook at Island Skalliwags and check out my website at to learn about healthy treats and our monthly treat subscriptions!
Diet is key to your dog's long, healthy life!

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