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What's to like about Tripe?


If man is a dog's best friend, green tripe is a close second!

Why does tripe get such a high ranking? It's packed full of healthy nutrients that support every function in your dog's body! 

Tripe is the lining of the stomach of a ruminating animal (sheep and cow are the most common). It was, and still is, eaten by humans but always in bleached form which will not do your dog any good. Bleached tripe, the kind people eat, has all the nutrients bleached out so don't buy your dog tripe from the grocery store!

Raw, or green tripe is the unbleached version and it packs a punch from a nutritional stand point.

As a ruminating animal eats and processes food the stomach lining absorbs the nutrients


That's why, in the wild, when prey animals make a kill, they eat the stomach first. They know that is where the best source of nutrition is.

Raw, green tripe is low in fat, an excellent source of protein and has a perfect ratio of calcium to phosphorous 1:1, which is ideal for dogs! This is especially true if they suffer from kidney ailments. Tripe can be fed as a complete meal, that's how amazing it is.

Even better, tripe is loaded with living digestive enzymes and pre and post probiotics.

Add all that up and  Green Lamb Tripe should be in your dog's diet! It will help support:

* bones, muscles and nerves

* kidney and heart

*the intake of amino acids that are NOT available in muscle meat. (These are the amino acids that promote repair of muscles and recovery from injury.)

*the production of cartilage

*the healing process of injuries

*absorption of all the fatty acids needed in the diet, including Omega 3 and 6

*a healthy microbiome in the gut that impacts everything from your dog's ability to absorb nutrients to his(or her) mental health!

Tripe, the smelly, unbleached stuff we make, promotes a healthy gut and a healthy gut is key to a long and healthy life. It sure stinks up our workplace but oh my goodness, it's so worth it to be producing something so wonderful for your dog! 

Skalliwags Green Lamb Tripe  even compliments a dog's raw diet. 

Order yours today. 

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