What goes into a dog is key to building health. Every ingredient should support his immune system and other bodily functions. Updating you with honest, non-biased information on dog nutrition.


No feathers for my dog! No fat for others! Fish only for some! Dog's digestive systems can be baffling.  Some dogs thrive on raw and some can't tolerate it. Just goes to show it can be tricky figuring out what dog treats to give your friend! 

Start with treats in which every ingredient contributes to overall health. Our treats are full of nutrients that are 100% from nature. That's a great start.

Now which one for each health concern or specific need? 

I spent a lot of money trying to narrow down why my dog, at one year old, suddenly had eye discharge. We ruled out everything from infections to inherited eye conditions to pollens and after a large vet bill which still didn't diagnose it, I took the advice of other dog owners and took her off poultry. Guess what? Her eyes cleared up within a few days and she's never had a symptom since. I know some dogs thrive on chicken diets. 

When I began to develop my line of treats I took into account how  varied dogs' needs and tolerances are and, since I believe that all dogs deserve treats and that all treats should  be 100% healthy and from nature,  it was important to me to use my canine nutrition knowledge to develop treats for all needs. 

Trying to figure out which tasty morsels would be best for your dog may be a little easier with this guide. You can also email me with questions.

Kangaroo Krackers and Kangaroo Krisps are wonderful choices for dogs with allergies. Our Kangaroo is ethically sourced and regulated by the Australian government.  It provides a very lean source of protein that boosts the  immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties. Even dogs with pancreatitis need low fat protein that doesn't overwork the pancreas and kangaroo is perfect for them. The Kangaroo Krackers are limited ingredients too so easy to keep track of what's going into your dog's system. Kangaroo Krisps are made from restaurant grade topside kangaroo roast. A single ingredient, low fat, scrumptious snack! 

Blueberry Blast has become increasingly popular for dogs on a low fat diet or with digestive issues. It's actually vegan! It's loaded with antioxidants (blueberries) and pumpkin which is easy on the digestive system.  If you haven't read my Nov.  blog about blueberries, check it out! 

Each of our treats is great for training because  they are high value to dogs. I used our grass-fed Bison Liver to train Tana  because it's easy  break it into small but motivating bits!  You get a lot of pieces for a lot of training practise from one bag! 

Maybe you have a dog that loves to crunch on things.  Venison Cranberry Crunchies are made for a satisfying crunch and help keep teeth clean.  I highly  recommend them for medium to large dogs with no dental issues. The cranberry supports the urinary tract and pumpkin aids digestion..all while being so deliciously meaty! 

All dogs need organ meat as part of their diet. In fact. 25% of your dog's diet should consist of organ meat. Generally speaking each type of organ meat supports that same organ in your dog.

We make a great Organ Meat Meal Topper that you can conveniently sprinkle on your dog's regular meals or you can use our grass-fed, certified organic,  PEI beef heart jerky and grass-fed bison liver to get organ meat into your dog. Start with small amounts as it's a rich addition and best to serve in small portions at first. 

Next time I'm going to focus on our Tripe and all of its health benefits. It's very well -tolerated by dogs with allergies, pancreatitis and other health issues and helps boost the immune system. Check out more on tripe coming up in January! HAPPY  HOLIDAYS! 

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