What goes into a dog is key to building health. Every ingredient should support his immune system and other bodily functions. Updating you with honest, non-biased information on dog nutrition.


Your dog's diet may not contain enough fruit, vegetables and organ meats and Skalliwags Dog Treats can help!! The ingredients are 100% natural and all provide health benefits. I love these products and I give them to my own dog every day because of their premium ingredients.  I use them as training treats, dinner toppers and nutrient supplements for overall health.  It's nice to have the choice of single ingredient treats and multi-ingredient treats, some grain free and all with a focus on a variety of dietary needs. If your dog suffers from pancreatitis, for instance, the low fat Kangaroo Jerky and Blueberry Blast (it's VEGAN!) are great choices.

  Throughout my canine nutrition course, I heard about the importance of organ meats for our dogs. In fact, 25% of your dog's diet should be made up of organ meats with no more than 5%-10% of each one.  I take Grass-fed Beef Heart, Grass-fed Bison Liver and Green Lamb Tripe (unbleached to preserve nutrients) and I break them up or grind them up and add them to my dog's regular meals. My dog runs to her dinner bowl now to gobble it up! Organ meats, as you can imagine, are delicate and need to be processed gently at low temperatures to preserve the greatest amount of nutrients as we do here at Island Skalliwags.

 Basically each organ you feed supports that organ in your dog. Heart supports heart health, liver supports liver health and so on. These are great dog treats whether you feed raw or kibble (make sure you add moisture back to it with water or bone broth!). Adding our Beef Heart and Bison Liver is a great way to boost the immune system and support organ health.

 Our other treats can help make sure your dog eats his veggies and fruits. We choose ingredients that are low on the glycemic index so even dogs with allergies aren't feeding the yeast that can cause aggravating itchiness! Our nutritious dog treats help add important immune boosting vitamins and minerals.

I've heard people say that dogs are carnivores and don't need fruit and vegetables. Not adding these to your dog's diet can actually reduce his lifespan. They are the superfood additons to the canine diet. In fact, 2/3 of a wolf's diet in the fall is berries and most of them are blueberries!  No other fruit scores as high for its antioxidant work and for helping to reduce inflammation and improve the brain and nervous system. I know my dog goes and picks my crop right off the bushes! But when they're not outside on the bushes, they're in Skalliwags' Blueberry Blast!

Summarizing, think of our treats as an easy way to boost canine nutrition! You'll  find a choice that meets your dog's nutritional needs and you'll be rewarded with an endless supply of tail wags!

 I'm always available via email to answer questions too so email me at with your dog diet questions.

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