About Us

Meet Tana, my little Skalliwag!

I’m a retired teacher. During my 32 years in the classroom with children I focused a lot of attention on environmental issues and a better understanding of our animal world. My students and I always did a fund-raising campaign for a local animal charity and got very connected to the real world!  I have also been personally involved in ways to improve the lives of animals. I volunteered at Elizabeth’s Wildlife Rescue Center where I fed baby squirrels and possums, helped out at the Small Animal Rescue Society with rabbits, cleaned and brushed miniature horses at the Miniature Horse Haven and was a dog walker, cage cleaner for the SPCA! I have always had pets of my own too…from gerbils and rats to cats and dogs. We even had horses in the family!

The idea of making and selling dog treats wasn’t premeditated. The idea came to me when I retired from 32 years of teaching and moved to Protection Island with my young golden doodle puppy, Tana. She was so boisterous, lively and strong that I knew I had to get her trained well and quickly. The store- bought training treats I looked at were full of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce so I researched my own recipes. I learned what was healthy for dogs and what was not. When it comes to Tana’s health, that’s number one. Turns out she liked my homemade treats so much that I expanded my flavours and began making two styles, small tasty training treats (highly motivating) and larger crunchy cookies that provided a variety of nutrients and antioxidants. The cookies are not rewards for training, they’re a healthy “I love you” snack that also helps with dental health because of the crunch.

That’s when the idea came to me as I looked at Tana wagging her tail and looking for more. My lovely new island home is full of dogs! Approximately 400 people live here and there are over 80 dogs!

The whole island!

Many of them are even listed as family members in the island’s phone book! (and rightly so!) So let’s put my love of animals and my love of baking together and start a dog treat business. And let’s support cruelty free animal businesses and local farmers in the process.

When I moved into my new home, it came with 3 adopted cats. I also have a cat that I rescued from the flea market 16 years ago! One of the cats had been abandoned by his owner. In planning my small business I knew I also wanted a portion of  my profits to help animals in need so Island Skalliwags will donate a percentage of profits to animal charities.

Thank you for visiting and please try the delicious treats offered at my home and online!