We’re proud to call British Columbia our home. Since beginning our business we have perfected several varieties of healthy dog (and cat) treats using locally sourced, human grade ingredients that provide health benefits for all dogs. We even carry treats for dogs with liver and kidney issues that are low in phosphorus and sodium because, at Island Skalliwags, we believe all dogs deserve to be treated and rewarded. Our business began for very personal reasons. We wanted to train our puppy, Tana, using only healthy rewards. As we shared our products and they became very popular, we realized we weren’t the only ones that cared about what went into our dog’s diet. To fill a need in the community for treats that dog “parents” can feel good giving their pets, we began packaging and promoting our products locally. They have been a hit, not only because of the high quality, but also because they are fun with their memorable pirate names. Bison Bars, Venison Cranberry Crunchies, Cheesy Crossbones, Peanut Butter/Pumpkin Pillage, Sweet Potato Planks, Bison Bars, Blueberry Blast, Kangaroo Krackers, Kangaroo Krisps, are our treasures! Island Skalliwags, did, after all, begin in a little house on Pirates Lane on Protection Island.

We’d love to offer our treats to your store at wholesale cost. To introduce our treats to your customers and promote sales, we offer on-site promotional samplings and with your order, we include treats samples to hand out to your customers at no extra charge. After all, tasting is believing! Ask our hundreds of repeat dog customers who return to our local market stall to buy more of our Island Skalliwags treats.

We’d love to meet with you and show you our high quality, vet approved products. All are made in small batches without gluten, additives, or preservatives. All treats are attractively packaged in FDA approved, heat sealed barrier bags with our eye-catching pirate themed logo and treat names. . We promote the stores that stock our treats on facebook, instagram, at our market stall, on our website and in our various promotions.